Candidacy Approval (Confirmed Candidacy)

Obtaining candidacy approval confirms that your Faculty Graduate Studies Committee has provided official confirmation that the program of study, including research aims and expected results, are of an acceptable standard. HDR students may refer to ‘A Guide to Preparing Your Application for Candidacy‘ to get more information.

Process of Obtaining Candidacy Approval

Preparing A Final Research Proposal

Consult Your Thesis Committee

During the final research proposal, HDR students need to consult your thesis committee, especially work closely with the supervisors. Supervision During candidacy, the relationship established with your supervisors are crucial to the successful completion of your research proposal, overall research works and thesis. This could have a profound influence on how smoothly and successfully the research proceeds.

Length of Your Proposal and Font Size

Please keep your proposal to within 15 text pages (when counted without figures).

All pages must be numbered and the font size should be a minimum of 11 point.

Research Proposal Format

HDR students are expected to prepare a high quality of research proposal. HDR students may refer to the format of the research proposal during the process of preparing the final research proposal.

HDR students may refer to ‘Referencing Styles‘ page to get more information about referencing technique and ‘EndNote for Students‘ to learn how to use an EndNote software to manage your references.

Originality Checking Using Turnitin

HDR students are required to electronically submit their research proposal. hecking the research proposal and thesis chapters for originality will assist you in minimising potential for plagiarism. Turnitin access for HDR students is located within the ‘Research Integrity – HDR’ training on Blackboard. The result of Turnitin report must be at the level of 30% of similarity or below.

To access to Turnitin:

Login to Student OASIS

Click on the link to Blackboard, and select the ‘Research Integrity – HDR’ training.

From the left hand menu, select the heading ‘Originality Checking’.

If you are unfamiliar with Turnitin, you may refer to Student User Manual, a direct link to Turnitin’s web site.

Submitting A Final Research Proposal

HDR students need to submit Application for Candidacy / Conversion of Candidacy form together with the following documents:

A copy of full Research Proposal

A copy of digital receipt of Turnitin report – 30% similarity or less

A copy of certificate of the Research Integrity

A copy of Seminar Abstract

Arranging for Candidacy Presentation

The thesis committee need to discuss the date of the candidacy presentation. Once it is decided, the main supervisor needs to contact Graduate School and to get an approval from the Chair of Graduate Committee.

The approval will be based on

The assurance from the thesis committee that the research proposal is in an academically satisfactory state of iteration and is therefore ready for presentation.

A suitable period of advertisement for the presentation, which is at least one week.

At least 50% of the members of academic staff of the host faculty/ department will be present.

Candidacy Presentation

The enrolment Faculty organises a seminar presentation (candidacy presentation) of the HDR research in question to all HDR students and academic staff members of the Faculty.

The seminar presentation is chaired by the Chairperson of the Thesis Committee. The presentation is evaluated by the Chairperson of the Thesis Committee, Dean of the enroling Faculty, Associate Dean of R&D of the enroling Faculty and members of the supervisory team. The evaluators make recommendation to the Curtin Malaysia Graduate School Committee (CMGSC) on whether candidacy is approved or rejected.

Once the session is over, the thesis committee will have a meeting to discuss the performance of the HDR student and the overall quality of the research project. After the meeting,  The Chairperson of thesis committee will prepare a Chairperson’s Report on Candidacy Seminar and will inform you the decision. A copy of report will be given to the HDR student either in hard copy or soft copy. If the thesis committee recommend that the HDR student needs to re-submit the revised project proposal, then the HDR student needs to submit to the Chairperson within the agreed period.

HDR student may prepare a Powerpoint to support your presentation. The presentation is about 30 minutes to 40 minutes and will be followed with Q&A session.

Candidacy Approval

If the Curtin Malaysia Graduate School Committee (CMGSC) approves the HDR student’s candidature, the Graduate School will update the online record. An approval letter of candidacy will be issued by the Graduate School.

If the HDR student’s candidature is not approved, the Curtin Malaysia Graduate School Committee (CMGSC) may recommend that the student’s enrolment be terminated.

If the candidacy is not approved but the Curtin Malaysia Graduate School Committee (CMGSC) assesses that the research project has potential to be brought up to the required standard, the Chair of Graduate School will set a timeframe for the HDR student to make amendments to the research project and the student resubmits a revised project proposal for re-assessment within the agreed period.

If the HDR student within a revised application fails to attain candidacy within the period prescribed by the Chair of Graduate School, the Curtin Malaysia Graduate School Committee (CMGSC) will recommend that the HDR student’s enrolment be terminated.


An application for candidacy is required within the following timeframes:

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Full-time candidates – six (6) months from enrolment in the thesis component

Part-time candidates – Twelve (12) months from enrolment in the thesis component

Masters by research (MPhil)

Full-time candidates – three months from enrolment in the thesis component

Part-time candidates – six months from enrolment in the thesis component

If you have a valid reason for not being able to submit an application for candidacy within the required time, you can submit a Request for Extension of Time to Submit Application for Candidacy form.

Failure to submit for candidacy within the specified timeframes (including approved extensions) may result in your academic status being amended to Conditional.

If enrolment conditions are still not met within the designated timeframe, your enrolment will be terminated.

Primary Data Collection (If Applicable)

To collect primary data (if applicable), HDR students first must pass the candidacy. The next step will be applying for Ethical Clearance through InfoEd.

Below are a list of documents that may need to add to the application:

Peer review documents
Participant information statement and consent form
Parent information statement and consent form
Child information statement and assent form
Questionnaires/survey instruments
Data Management Plan
Translations where a language other than English is used
Recruitment materials
Approval from the Radiation Safety Officer
Risk assessment
Investigator Brochure or Product Information (clinical trials involving drugs)
SOL Research Integrity Professional Development program certificate (Staff can access certificates from iPerform.
Students can take a screen capture of completion in blackboard)
Curriculum vitae’s of investigators
Approval to access Curtin students and staff for research purposes

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