Curtin Malaysia Graduate Studies Committee

Associate Professor Dr. Agus Saptoro

Chair of Curtin Malaysia Graduate Studies and Deputy Dean of R&D


Professor Dr. Nagarajan Ramasamy     

Dean of R&D and Director of Curtin Malaysia Research Institute


Professor Dr. Beena Giridharan

Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor, Curtin University Malaysia


Associate Professor Dr. John Lau

Associate Dean of R&D, Faculty of Engineering & Science


Dr. Tiong Ying Ying           

Associate Dean of R&D, Faculty of Business


Dr. Noraisikin Sabani

Coordinator of R&D, Faculty of Humanities


Mr Li Yisong

Elected HDR student representative



Florence Singa

HDR Administration Officer, Office of R&D


Terms of Reference

Curtin Malaysia Graduate School deals with policies and procedure concerning the admission, progression and monitoring of Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) – MPhil and PhD – as well as co-ordinating and promoting such programmes of studies. A large part of its work is to do with the review, approval and monitoring of the progress of HDR students. Its work also includes determining scholarship rankings and extensions, when requested.

  1. To advise the Curtin Malaysia Academic Board on policy matters regarding HDR studies, including the coordination and promotion of HDR studies, at Curtin University Malaysia.
  2. For Masters by Research and Doctoral degrees, to consider and approve the following: – admission, advanced standing and enrolment; – extension of time to submit candidacy; – candidacy; – leave of absence; – the composition of thesis committees; – titles; – the composition of examining panels; – approval of nomination of examiners.
  3. To work in cooperation with Faculties and Centres in the review of annual progress reports and make recommendations on ‘conditional’ status. To recommend terminations to University Graduate Studies Committee.
  4. To consider, endorse and recommend to University Graduate Studies Committee thesis examination reports.
  5. To consider such other matters that are consistent with the development of graduate research programmes including scholarship ranking and scholarship extensions.



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