Chairperson, Supervisors, Internal Assessor & Thesis Examiners

If an applicant is accepted into the Higher Degree by Research programme, the Thesis Committee will be formed.

Thesis Committee

Chairperson of the Thesis Committee
Main Supervisor (Registered Level 1 Supervisor)
At least one (1) Co-Supervisor (Either Registered Level 1 or Level 2 Supervisor)
Associate Supervisor (If applicable)

Other committee members from the enroling Faculty

Dean of Faculty
Associate Dean of R&D

Internal Assessor

After HDR students have passed the candidacy (Candidacy Approval or Confirmed Candidacy), the next stage will be preparing a Mid-Term Report. The report will be reviewed by the independent academic staff member (Internal Assessor). The Internal Assessor should provide formative feedbacks through Mid-Term Assessor Form.

Thesis Examiner

At the Stage 7 (Examination Process) of Candidature,  the thesis is reviewed by the two (2) examiners.


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