Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Programmes & Scholarships

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) aims to expand knowledge beyond the undergraduate honours or postgraduate diploma level, culminating in a research thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

As a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate, you will uncover new knowledge either by the discovery of new facts, the formulation of theories or the innovative reinterpretation of known data and established ideas. Your research will use an in-depth understanding of theories and concepts to develop practical solutions for real-world problems.


2021/2022 HDR Scholarships

Available MPhil Scholarships (for immediate admission and enrollment)

  1. Tourism & Hospitality/Marketing: Digital storytelling and cultural heritage-driven conceptual model for more persuasive Malaysian tourism destination promotion (2 students; available)
  2. Engineering: A smart rural development decision-making framework to improve socio-economic in Sarawak (1 student; available)
  3. Engineering: Fundamental Study on Environmentally Friendly Oil Based Mud for Oil and Gas Wells Drilling Using Palm Based Biodiesel (1 student; available)
  4. Economics & Finance: Developing Regulatory Risk Index for Cryptocurrency Market in the context of Malaysia (1 student; available)
  5. Engineering: Formulation of a Novel Nonlinear Image Processing Algorithm for Hyperspectral Imaging-based Food Quality Monitoring (1 student; available)
  6. Tourism/Marketing: The development of Wellness Destination Image Model to predict tourists’ destination loyalty behaviour for Malaysia in the aftermath of the COVID 19 pandemic (1 student; available)
  7. Engineering: Self-healing mechanism of cathode ray tube (CRT) glass concrete utilizing bacteria-based fiber (1 student; available)
  8. Engineering: Elucidating biotransformation mechanisms of extremophiles assisted emerging contaminants (ECs) degradation in a drinking water treatment system (1 student; available)
  9. MPhil special scholarship for Curtin Graduates (please do contact GradSchool@curtin.edu.my)
  10. Partial Curtin Malaysia Postgraduate Research Scholarship (CMPRS) MPhil Scholarship (open for application all year round)
  11. Engineering: A Robust SVD-based Watermarking Algorithm using Orthogonal Vectors and Optimal Scaling Factor for Solving False-Positive Problem and Sensitivity Issue (1 student; no longer available)
  12. Humanities: Development of Personalised learning hub framework: means to assist East Malaysia’s rural learners in HEI (1 student; no longer available)
  13. Applied Geology: Determination of vulnerability zones based on spatial and temporal variations of metals in different size fractions – Miri Estuary (Sarawak) (1 student; no longer available)
  14. Engineering: Hydrophobic modified honeycomb tubular biochar with enhanced adsorption capability of volatile organic compounds: Characterisation and kinetics study (1 student; no longer available)
  15. Engineering: A decision making framework to support energy efficient design of high rise residential buildings (1 student; no longer available)
  16. Engineering: Modelling Fake news spread as a probabilistic Mechanism incorporating news profile (2 students; one scholarship is still available)
  17. Engineering: Synergistic Effect of Nanocellulose Incorporation on Coulombic Interaction and Energy Dissipation in the Green Conductive Stretchable Composite based on Ionogel and Palm waste (1 student; no longer available)
  18. Engineering: Wettability and Adsorption of Methyl Ester Sulphonate/Polystyrene Nanofluid to Enhance Recovery from Matured Malaysian Tapis Oilfield (1 student; no longer available)


Available PhD Scholarships (for immediate admission and enrollment)

  1. Project on Coral reef growth and erosion in Northern Borneo (1 student; available; before or by 31 January 2023)
  2. Curtin Malaysia Postgraduate Research Scholarship (CMPRS) Strategic PhD Scholarship. Due date: 18 September 2022 at 6pm. This scholarship will target research projects in areas as follows
    • Digital Innovation
    • Bio-processes
    • Green Technology
    • Aquaculture
    • Marketing and rural entrepreneurship
    • South China Sea (geo-political, geo-economical, socio-cultural and regional/global security studies)
  3. Curtin Malaysia Postgraduate Research Scholarship (CMPRS) PhD Merit Scholarship. This scholarship targets any high impact research areas. Due date: 18 September 2022 at 6pm.
  1. Partial Curtin Malaysia Postgraduate Research Scholarship (CMPRS) PhD Scholarship (open for application all year round)
  2. Engineering: Fundamental Experimental Investigation of Hydrogen Influence on Well Completion Cement Integrity (1 student; available)
  3. Engineering: Formulation of Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface Aided Vehicle-to-Everything Network Model (1 student; available)
  4. Engineering: Generative Learning Neural Model derived from Bayesian Theorem in Partial Point Cloud Reconstruction for 3D Semantic Object Segmentation and Classification (1 student, available)
  5. Business: A Deep Learning Based Application for Asset Pricing and Portfolio Optimization Incorporating Option Valuation (1 student; no longer available)
  6. Engineering: Elucidating the Reaction Kinetic and Conversion Mechanism of Hydrolyzed Non-Edible Cerbera Odollam (Sea Mango) Oil into Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Bioplastic (1 student; available)
  7. Engineering: Mechanistic modeling of hybrid microwave and ultrasound assisted pharmaceutical crystallization with and without addition of anti-solvent (1 student; no longer available)
  8. Engineering: A new approach to fundamental modelling of sludge dewatering under low pressure condition (1 student; no longer available)

CMGS Tuition Fee Waiver

  • Students who are going to work under Curtin staff’s external grants will be automatically awarded CMGS Tuition Fee Waiver from the enrollment date to the project end date. No application is required.
  • Other students who are not associated to any Curtin staff’s external grants may also be considered for CMGS Tuition Fee Waiver. To apply, an email request and supporting documentations should be sent to GradSchool@curtin.edu.my. Supporting documentations include a memo request signed by the student and principal supervisor, admission forms and other relevant evidences.
  • Extended CMGS Tuition Fee Waiver for existing recipients is possible subject to “good progress” of the study. To apply, an email request and supporting documentations should be sent to GradSchool@curtin.edu.my. Supporting documentations include a memo request signed by the student and principal supervisor, draft of thesis, journal publications arising from the thesis, etc.