Higher Degree by Research (HDR) Programmes & Scholarships

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) aims to expand knowledge beyond the undergraduate honours or postgraduate diploma level, culminating in a research thesis.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

As a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) candidate, you will uncover new knowledge either by the discovery of new facts, the formulation of theories or the innovative reinterpretation of known data and established ideas. Your research will use an in-depth understanding of theories and concepts to develop practical solutions for real-world problems.


HDR Scholarships

Available MPhil Scholarships (for immediate admission and enrollment)

  1. Humanities: Development of Personalised learning hub framework: means to assist East Malaysia’s rural learners in HEI (1 student)
  2. Applied Geology: Determination of vulnerability zones based on spatial and temporal variations of metals in different size fractions – Miri Estuary (Sarawak) (1 student)
  3. Engineering: Hydrophobic modified honeycomb tubular biochar with enhanced adsorption capability of volatile organic compounds: Characterisation and kinetics study (1 student)
  4. Engineering: A decision making framework to support energy efficient design of high rise residential buildings (1 student)
  5. Engineering: Modelling Fake news spread as a probabilistic Mechanism incorporating news profile (2 students)
  6. Engineering: Synergistic Effect of Nanocellulose Incorporation on Coulombic Interaction and Energy Dissipation in the Green Conductive Stretchable Composite based on Ionogel and Palm waste (1 student)
  7. Engineering: Wettability and Adsorption of Methyl Ester Sulphonate/Polystyrene Nanofluid to Enhance Recovery from Matured Malaysian Tapis Oilfield (1 student)


Available PhD Scholarships (for immediate admission and enrollment)

  1. Engineering: Mechanistic modeling of hybrid microwave and ultrasound assisted pharmaceutical crystallization with and without addition of anti-solvent (2 students)
  2. Engineering: A new approach to fundamental modelling of sludge dewatering under low pressure condition (1 student)
  3. Curtin Malaysia Postgraduate Research Scholarship (CMPRS) PhD Merit Scholarship Round 1 2021. Please contact any potential supervisor to work on HDR Application for Admission and submit all the necessary documentations to CMGS by 31 January 2020 at 6pm


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