Thesis Committee, Internal Assessors and Thesis Examiners

Thesis Committee

If an applicant is accepted into the Higher Degree by Research programme, the Thesis Committee will be formed. The Thesis Committee comprises a chairperson, main supervisor and one or more co-supervisors and/or associate supervisor(s). The minimum number of a thesis committee including the Chairperson is three (3) and a maximum six (6).

Generally, a Chairperson will be an experienced Supervisor and has mainly administrative and mentoring roles. He/she is the one who reviews and approves any documentation/report/thesis at the thesis committee level before these documents/reports/thesis are submitted to Director of Graduate Research (AD, R & D) and/or Curtin Malaysia Graduate Studies.

The supervisory team should consist discipline experts who will technically benefit the project supervision. The main supervisor will have the prime responsibilities for the design and progress of HDR project and providing academic advice to the supervised HDR students. Co- and associate supervisors are appointed to provide additional expertise and guidance.


Chairperson of the Thesis Committee

Higher Degree by Research Supervisors


Internal Assessors

Two (2) assessors (one from outside of the discipline group) shall be appointed to review the Higher Degree by Research (HDR) student’s research works and progress (Milestones 1, 2 and 3)

Ideally, the same assessors should examine the Milestone 2 report and Milestone 3 thesis.


Thesis Examining Panel

The Curtin Malaysia Graduate Studies Committee (CMGSC) shall, on the recommendation of the Head of Enrolling Area/Associate Dean of R&D, appoint a Thesis Examining Panel prior to submission of the thesis (approximately three months before the anticipated thesis submission date) comprising the Chairperson of the Thesis Committee (ex officio) acting as Chair, and two Examiners.


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